What You Can Expect

What are we?

We are a backpackers or hostel(in some parts of the world). We cater for all people from all different cultures, countries, religions, continents and we will even accomodate martians(as long as they are friendly). We do not offer en-suite bathrooms(in all our rooms) or tv's in your room. What we do offer is a chance for you to meet different people, learn other cultures and broaden you views.

We offer friendly service and a cup of coffee and long chats on the stoep sofa or braai area.

If you need us to pop some laundry in the wash, ask us and we will arrange it for you.

Meals are available on request(just give us a heads-up, the day before it is needed or you might be subject to interesting combinations and recipe experiements)

We understand that leaving your animal friend behind, is not always an option and we will try to accommodate you, as far as possible, if you are traveling with a pet.

We are a family friendly establishment - kids are always welcome. We only ask that you keep an eye on your little on at all times.

For those who do not like to read much, here is what we offer:

       Meals on Request
       Barbeque Facilities
      Shuttle Service to and from the Bus terminal & Airport
      Kalahari Mall (200 meters away)
      Secure Parking
      Pet and Child Friendly
      24/7 Check-in