Terms & Conditions

Cancelation Policy


 As with everything in a life there are a few rules. Since no one likes a list of Do's and Don'ts when they are travelling, I am going to break it down into a few sentences. It really is quite simple, if you treat yourself, other guests and the premises with respect, we don't have to say anything more, but since there are some who might struggle to define this, here is a summary.

If it is not yours don't touch it. Don't even look at it.

If it is getting late, quiet down. It's really simple. Don't be that person that selfishly and noisily disrupts other people's zzzz's.

If you used the kitchen, bathroom and any other communal area - leave it clean and tidy. No body likes to use facilities that are mucked-up by others. So again- respect yourself enough, not to be that person that everybody silently glares at, because their dirty dishes are all over the place.

Do not give food, sweets, cooldrink or anything else to other people's pets or children, before checking with their guardians. This includes the younger members of the Aardwolf Team, as well. On the other side of the coin, we ask that all young children or pets be supervised at all times. At Aardwolf we love kids and we want them to enjoy there stay - so make sure your kids are safe and happy, by actually hanging out with them.

If you break something or feel like you really cannot leave the backpackers without the handy little two point addaptor, knife, fork or what ever else you've gotten emotionally attached to, please let management know. We'll only charge you for the cost needed to replace it, we promise.

We are a backpackers, which means that at any one time there will be a colletion of people from all over the globe, with different beliefs, views on the world, ways of doing things, religions, dress codes and endless diversities. You have a choice to broaden your mind, learn to understand others better and make lasting friendships or to form your own opinions and not to mingle. Your choice, your life. We only ask that you treat others with respect, regardless of their differences to you. If you feel like being obnoxious, take a stroll, have a beer, do yoga or whatever, but do not offend someone just because they are different from you.

We take every reasonable, precaution to ensure that your stay with us is enjoyable and safe. You, do however, stay here at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any damages to you or your property. Just for your peace of mind on this matter. We regularly check the premises for monsters, falling objects and hazardous material.

Cancellation policies are the worst. If it was up to us, we would ask no deposits, no cancelation fee's and let everything just happen spontaniously. There is a flaw to this philosophy though, and that is the part, where when we keep a room for you, we do not take other reservations for that time, for that space and if you change your plans, that room is then empty. Unfortunately, it does not work like in your local supermarket where it can be sold tomorrow or kept in cold storage to be sold at a later stage.

We are sure that you realise by now, that we believe in treating everyone justly and fairly, so if you do need to cancel, for what ever reason, and we can fill up your reservation with another booking, we will refund you either fully or partially(depending on the circumstances of the other reservation, such as days of stay ect).

Deposits & Refunds

A 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. We must receive the deposit within 3 days after the reservation is made. If you make a reservation for arrival within the 3 day period, the deposit is required immediatly. If you cannot make the deposit in the time frame, for whatever reason, speak to us, and we will try to accommodate you as far as possible.

Deposit Refunds

1 month before stay date: 50% of deposit is refundable.
2 weeks before stay date: 25% of deposit is refundable.
Less than 2 weeks before stay date: 0% of deposit is refundable.

You will receive a provional reservation confirmation email with a link to follow, which will allow for either credit card payment or EFT.

The Other Half

The remainder of your reservation account is payable on arrival.
If you just don't pitch up, without the courtesy of letting us know, you will be held accountable for the full reservation ammount.

If plans did not ever change and everything always worked out according to schedule, life would be pretty boring, so we will do everything within our means to accommodate you, should you change your plans.

If you extend your stay, the full reservation ammount due for your extended stay, is due on the first day of your extended stay.

For all long stay bookings(3-4 weeks) or large group( 6 or more people), you are liable for the full amount quoted, if cancelation takes place 2 weeks(or less) before arrival or during your stay. Again, as above, we try to be fair, so should we be able to rebook the space, we will refund you, as far as possible.

Finely, the end of all the serious stuff............